Home to the pyramids, pharaohs, and the Blue Nile, there is a rich history that beckons from the tombs of the pharaohs to the ancient temples of Luxor. Thousands of years of history are etched into the sands of Egypt, and you can see them for yourself.

Tour the Egyptian museum, learn more about Egypt’s historical past, and join the Nile River Cruise. Relaxon the beaches of Hurghada found along the Red Sea resorts. The Mediterranean climate of the coast allows you to sunbathe and soak in the sun, while the desert heat of the interior aligns more with cruises and indoor tours.

Egypt is one of the largest countries in North Africa, with so many places to visit. Visit between November and April for cool weather. May to August is blistering hot, which may not be conducive for tourist activities, but the hotel rates rates would be very affordable.


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